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Recently completed requests
kms1130 · 5 hours ago
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  • 350 P
  • English Korean
  • Translation 1
JinsungE · 15 hours ago
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  • 400 P
  • Korean English
  • Translation 1
RioWorld · a day ago
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  • 600 P
  • Korean English
  • Translation 3
dewanghou · a day ago
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计算机是门实践学科,我相信来到深研院是最好的选择。 我对科研满怀热情,十分希望能在这里获得更大的发展。

A city has its own characters. Shenzhen possesses a great innovational atmosphere; at the same time, it is a warmhearted and hospitable city, which respects knowledge and talent people.
Computer science is a practical discipline. I believe that Shenzhen Graduate School is the best choice for me. I am passionate about scientific research and eager to develop myself here. 
Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School hosts the major that I am quite interested in. After doing my homework, I have found that professors in [this lab] 【这里可替换为实验室的名称】at Shenzhen Graduate School obtain substantial scientific capacities. I really look forward to joining this great research family.
As many of my classmates are entering high-level graduate schools, I think I should also step into the scientific field. 【建议不要讲因为别人的原因才觉得自己应该也做同样的事情,要多讲自己对科研的热爱。】

  • 800 P
  • Chinese (Simplified) English
  • Translation 1
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