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10年前的今天 正是我们GARNiDELiA第一次投稿自己的原创歌曲「Hands」 现在以钢琴独奏和歌唱的形式来纪念10周年。 从今往后也希望和大家 「牵起的手 请不要放开」 共同走向通往未来的道路。 转发 @MARiA_GARNiDELiA: 【GARNiDELiA】
Hands -after a decade ver.-


10 years ago Masayoshi Imaten GARNiDELiA 1st post Self-made original song "Hands" Nowadays, the 10th anniversary of the piano solo Japanese singing style. 来 Imago Goya Hope Japanese landlord "Release without request" Joint run-through futuristic road. Transformed @MARiA_GARNiDELiA: [GARNiDELiA] Hands -after a decade ver.- [Toku x Mairia] 10 years ago In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, we played the original song "Hands", which was posted for the first time as GARNiDELiA, with only piano and songs. From now on "Don't let go of this tied hand" I hope you can walk the path to the future together. ... Full text:

Translated by D4U5574H4T 

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