4 years ago
Actress and singer Laura Marano (@lauramarano) was 5 years old when she began acting professionally. “My mom owns a children’s theater, and my sister and I were always there,” says Laura, who was born, raised and still lives in Los Angeles. “I was always performing and taking voice and piano lessons because I loved it so much — and I was also kind of a ham.”
Fast forward to this Golden Globes (@goldenglobes) weekend, and Laura is proud and excited to be co-hosting the red carpet before the awards show — and to have starred in a nominated film, “Lady Bird.” “I can’t believe I got to be a part of a movie that was nominated for a few Golden Globes,” she says. “To be honest, one of my bucket list goals was always going to the Golden Globes, and the fact that I’m getting to accomplish that this weekend has me completely flipping out.”
Watch our Instagram story to spend the day with Laura, from the red carpet to the awards. #GoldenGlobes
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