You can exchange if your point is over 50000, this process will be completed in one week.
1 You need PayPal account for cash-out. 
2 You will be paid in US dollars only via PayPal.
3 We do not take responsibility for incorrectly provided PayPal ID by users.
How to use paypal
1. How to get cash from paypal
(1) Register your bank account
(2) Click 'my account' tab
(3) Click 'find money' link
(4) Select a method to receive money
How to use paypal?
2. Use PayPal at thousands of stores
     (You can use paypal without bank account)
-> 1. see existing store
-> 2. looking at the paypal button "check out"
Another thing to note!

Please note that PayPal cash-out may not be available in some countries.
Check for more information from the website:
you can only cash-out every 50,000 points points - usd table50,000p $35 100,000p $70 150,000p $105 200,000p $140---
Points available
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'Points for request only' cannot be used at Store.

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