No pressure but if you are attending the artRAVE we suggest in the outfit category you GO FOR IT BECAUSE WERE GOING TO AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE

Poker Face was #1, 5 years ago today! I can't believe how much has happened in 5 years. Imagine what well do in 20 I'm never stopping.

I'm so excited for my new tour I can hardly wait, oh my goodness GET READY MONSTERS ITS GOING TO BE AN EPIC PARTY

I just basically ate all the birthday cake I was suppose to eat last week but had shows so I dieted it was so good it was yummy yums

I feel such a strange rush of emotions, saying goodbye to such a special venue and a 7 night only special show. 5 minutes till showtime

Spent all day warming up + stretching my hip, its a lot of work keeping it strong and not sore but I'm having so much fun on stage again!