Check Requestor's Memo

Check requestor's memo for any instructions or guidance. Try communicating with the requestor through Comments.

Tag the requestor by @ID. Translation that matches requestor's purpose has a higher chance for selection.

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If you have a foreign language you can speak, register the language and you can become a Crowdsourced Translator right away.
If you can translate short sentences you use in everyday life, you can become a Crowdsourced Translator!

  • Beginner: Can exchange thoughts on everyday activities in short sentences, describe facts, and understand expressions on emotions, etc.
  • Intermediate: Can have conversations on familiar subjects without difficulties. Confident having everyday conversations with foreigners.
  • Advanced: Can describe information on the interested field clearly and in detail. Can understand specialized information.
  • Fluent: Easy to read almost all types of written material such as specialized articles, literature, etc. Can get involved in all kinds of conversation without difficulties.
Point Usage

Points are earned when the translation gets selected. Accumulated points can be used in various ways.

Crowdsourced translation request
Buy products in Store
Donate (Certification provided)
Cashout through Alipay, Paypal

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